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In a Buyer's Market the supply of property listings exceeds the number of buyers. Here, prices will plateau or even drop, homes will stay on the market longer and buyers will have more negotiating power. This is not the best time to sell your home.

In a Seller's Market the demand for homes outweighs the supply. Prices may rise, homes usually move more quickly, and the terms and conditions will favor the seller. This is a good time to list your home.

In a Balanced Market there is a relative equilibrium between housing supply and demand. This market offers stable prices andreasonable terms and conditions for fair selling and buying opportunities.

Determining asking price largely depends on the selling price of the other properties in your neighborhood of comparable style, square footage, lot size, features, upgrades and amenities.

Keeping your home updated and well maintained is vital for resale. Buyers are looking for homes with newer shingles, windows and furnaces as well as updated kitchens and baths and newer flooring and carpeting. Homeowners that prepare their homes to sell, win with higher offer prices and quicker sold times.

When selling your home there are several costs you may incur.

  • Costs for repairs/renovations/upgrades - Before listing which are necessary to improve your home's appeal and salability.

  • Mortgage Penalties - Check with financial institution to verify if there are any mortgage penalties/discharge fees or whether mortgage is portable or assumable?

  • Lawyers Fees - Closing costs on a house sale are approx. $800 plus disbursements.

  • Survey - If you do not have a copy of the survey, you may be required to provide one as a condition of the sale (approx. $1500.00)

  • Moving Costs - Professional moving services on day of closing

  • Real Estate Commission - Generally, a 4-5% commission rate plus HST is charged which is deducted from the proceeds of the sale.

As your Sutton sales representatives, we have access to detailed information on current listing prices, recent sales reports, and timely market conditions to give you an accurate, competitive assessment of what potential buyers are willing to pay for your home. We will create a selling strategy and marketing plan that accounts for all your selling expectations including price, time-to-sell and special terms and conditions.

In the end, we will help you get the right price for your home with the best terms and conditions for your needs.

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