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From: the Fosters
Date: 1/27/2013 9:24:40 PM
To: 'John Price'
Subject: Thank you for all your efforts

Dear John and Heather,

This letter is long overdue and the move is not a real excuse though life has been very busy since we arrived back in Kingston at the end of July! We just wished to thank you for all that you have done in order smooth this move back to Kingston as much as possible.

We are grateful for your support and friendship through the trial of home acquisition which happens all too frequently in a military life! While buying a house is never a stress free situation, you always make it as easy on us as possible by your thoughtful, knowledgeable and supportive approach and we feel privileged to know that we can count on your clear, helpful input in any situation.

We just wanted to voice our thanks for all that you did for us above and beyond the expectations and job description of any realtor. Once more, we thank you for taking us on as returning clients this past summer. On the HHT, we had little time to come, look and buy as usual and, as usual, your considerate insight steered us in the right direction knowing what our monetary boundaries and time restrictions were. We were especially stressed when the first home that we made an offer on proved to have issues which would have caused us problems further down the line and, amazingly, you made the second option work for us in a matter of two days. You did a walk through for us when the time was right and you organised a lawyer, plumbers, carpet cleaners, electricians and numerous other work people at our request and on our behalf in order that we could move in to a home which was ready for us. Your pleasant approach and wealth of knowledge about the market and what would work or not was much appreciated.
Once more, we thank you for all that you did and feel privileged to know that we can count on your expertise when we come to sell our home.
Many thanks John and Heather for all that you continue to do for us.

Jane and Bill


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